Trend-Watcher: Islands

Islands are not new additions to kitchens. They have been around in home designs since the 1950s. The appeal comes from opening the kitchen space to the rest of the home, making it more welcoming and multi-functional. They have been used for meal preparation and gathering places in the house since their inception. Islands add more workspace and cabinet storage, blending aesthetically pleasing design with functionality.

Post-pandemic trends are showing that islands are only growing in popularity as well as size. Lots of islands are at least 7ft in length. With more people working from and schooling from home, islands are being used for cooking prep-work, work from home setups, and education centers.  In fact, many kitchen spaces are being designed around the island as it is now the hub of the home.

Islands typically come in square or rectangular shapes. However, many designers are now creating new shapes to better fit the homeowner’s personality, taste, and needs.

Ready to upgrade your own island?  Stop by today and speak with one of our designers to help create the kitchen of your dreams!

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