Matte Vs. Polished Countertops

When choosing a new countertop, one of the factors to take into consideration is what kind of finish you want to have. Different finishes give completely different looks and can also change the quality of the light in the space.

Shine On

A polished finish is created by grinding down the surface of the material using fine abrasives until it results in a natural shine. This enables the countertop to reflect light, giving it a glossy appearance.

A polished finish is the most popular choice for many reasons. When the countertops reflect light, they can make the space look larger by magnifying the light. A glossy surface is also a luxurious look that fits in well with formal and traditional style homes.  Polished surfaces are easier to clean, often only needing a quick wipe down to clean up crumbs or small spills.

Matte Effect

A matte finish isn’t so much a texture as it is a lack of shine. In some materials like marble and granite, matte is the finish that a smooth surface has before it is given the final grinding to become polished. In man-made materials like quartz, the colors can come in polished, matte, or leathered. Matte finishes are popular in minimalist, urban, and modern designs.

The tradeoff with matte finishes is while they will not show smudges and fingerprints as much, crumbs and bits of trash on the countertops are going to be more visible.

Ultimately, the decision of what finish to choose for your countertop will depend on your own personal taste as well as the style of the room.

When you are ready to select your new countertops, please ask our designers about which finish would best suit your needs. We are happy to help. Visit us for more information.

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